Deepika is being branded a copycat


Bollywood lady superstar Deepika Padukone has a new headache. There is nothing wrong with her but she has to face criticism from netizens that she is a copycat.

So why did Deepika Padukone have to face these criticisms? Going into the details .. Recently Deepika Padukone starred in Lewis Jeans Commercial Advertisement. This is fine.

However, the studio setup for this advertisement shoot has caused controversy. Director, Suni Taraporewala, referred to the issue on social media and accused it of being ‘copycat culture in India’.

Rupin Suchak, the production designer for the new levis announcement, also admitted the mistake. But Deepu as such has nothing to do with it.

She is just a model to the Advertisement and did what the director and producer have ordered. So far Deepika has not reacted on the issue.

It looks like Deepika has mellowed down after getting married to Ranveer Kapoor. Both are busy with their work. They do not have time to involve themselves in useless controversies.