Deaths behind Baba Ramdev?

Journalist Priyanka claims that whichever Swami that Baba Ramdev has learned from had soon disappeared from his life.

Swami Shankar Dev who mentored Baba Ramdev suddenly disappeared. His whereabouts are not known to anyone which makes it even more mysterious.

The mysterious death of Swami Yoganand. Yoganand was a close friend of Baba Ramdev and he himself was famous in the field of Ayurveda.

Deaths behind Baba Ramdev?

Yoganand gave the licence of Ayurveda to Ramdev in the year 1995 and thereafter until 2003 (almost 8 years) Baba Ramdev made use of Swami’s license.

The mysterious death of Rajiv Dikshit. Rajiv Dikshit was the guiding star for Baba’s Swadeshi mission.

The book of Priyanka Pathak reveals all the secrets connected with Baba’s life.