I strongly condemn the statement given by P.Chidambaram former Finance Minister that the demonetisation of high value notes is a scam.  This is ridiculous.  No one believed in this country and the people of India have expressed total solidarity for the decision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  It is an eye opener to  P.Chidambaram.

Chidambaram and congress party should realize that all the bye elections and local bodies elections after demonetization gave a full support to the BJP and NDA.  It clearly indicates that the people stood by the Prime Minister’s decision.

Dattatreya blasts Chidambaram

Seeing though his own glasses  Chidambaram with his myotic vision and Congress Party who are drenched in corruption are trying to see corruption in every developmental activity only to misguide people and resorting to Gobel publicity.

It is not inconclusive and badly executed because in exercise of this big magnitude utmost secrecy  has to be maintained or else the purpose  gets  defeated.

Even the President of India expressed that the Nation will be benefited by demonetization.

Now the queues in banks and ATMs have disappeared.  Only the Congress people and others like them who encouraged the black money all along their lives are complaining against  the demonetization.

Dattatreya blasts Chidambaram

I don’t want to question  Chidambaram’s knowledge of bribe taking.  He is a good lawyer.  He can advise people how to take bribes in rupees 2,000 notes.  But he must note that NDA is not UPA and think of the possibility of getting caught.

People gave a verdict on your tenure as a Finance Minister in 2014.  Now there is no chance of your becoming a Finance Minister again stated Dattatreya.