Darsekendra RR meets Chandrababu

The other day senior director Raghavendra Rao was seen at the muhurat of Balakrishna’s NTR movie and said that he would like to direct a scene in the movie as he was very close to senior NTR. After that, he was seen with AP CM Chandrababu the very next day.

When it comes to creativity making movies and publicity material TDP espeically Babu always depended on Raghavendra Rao and also Boyapati sreenu. Now after Baahubali he is depending on Rajamouli.

One of the family members of RR, Keeravani is working as music director for the NTR movie. RR has been one of the think tanks for Babu and he was the advisor for the TDP Government earlier. Now he is the board member for TTD.

Darsekendra RR meets Chandrababu

There are strong rumours that RR might get anyone fo these assignments from the TDP Government soon. One is the appointment as TTD Chairman or the other is to lead the publicity campaign for the 2019 elections to get the TDP elected again.

But Raghavendra Rao has always been in the good books of Chandrababu. People thought that the NTR movie would be directed by RR, but it went to Teja as the story writer is in the sink with Teja since a long time.

Darsekendra RR meets Chandrababu

So the meeting of RR and Babu has generated a lot of talk in the TTD management and also among the film circles. There are rumours that Teja might direct Balakrishna but RR would oversee the project whenever required or give the advise as Keeravani is already the music director.

But when it comes to publicity or making movies there is none to beat the old hand RR. If he is made the TTD Chairman one has to see the reactions from the politicians and people.