Danayya expecting around Rs2000 cr business:RRR

dvv danayya

DVV Danayya is expecting around Rs 2000 crore business with RRR movie directed by Rajamouli. Pre-release business in various forms has already raked up around Rs 1000 crore for the producer.

It is all set to wipe out the records of Baahubali. Baahubali was distributed by Dharma productions of Karan Johar, but this time RRR was given to Pen studios and various other distributors in various languages.

All put together the RRR makers have already made a pre-release business of Rs 1000 crore officially.

After the release, they are bound to make another Rs 1000 crore in the first week itself.

The ticket rate will be raised by the producer. They might quote a special price for the RRR ticket in the name of NTR and Ramcharan. The tickets are becoming very expensive in the theatres.

The snacks are also very costly in the multiplexes. The ticket is 200 and the snack is Rs500 that is the level of expectation. This will definitely force the people to go for piracy.