danam nagender
It is almost certain that Danam Nagendar would be cleared from Kharatabad constituency. This is to steer clear from the allegations that the TRS is fielding dummies in the BJP sitting seats. There are rumours that Moid the PM and also the TRS chief KCR are hand in glove for the coming elections. That Modi would give Assembly to KCR and KCR must support Modi in the parliament. 
But both the parties have made it clear that they are fighting the election without any alliance. BJP chief Amit Shah stated that they would contest all the seats. 
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Now that Danam has been fielded from Khairatabad, it would be a tough fight between the BJP sitting member and the TRS candidate Nagendar. Nagendar is from Khiaratbad area and he knows the area very well. It is his favourite constituency. earlier Goshamahal was planned for Nagendar, but here also we have sitting BJP member Raja Singh who is better than Chantal Ramachandra Reddy. 
It is safe for Nagendar from Khairartabada as it is his ilakha. 
Nagenadr is popular with the Khairatabad Ganesh also as he takes all the CM to worship the Bada Ganesh here in this constituency. There were also rumours that Danam was going back to Congress as he did not figure in the 105 list which was released by KCR earlier during the press meet here at TRS Bhavan. On the other hand, PJRs daughter the corporator from Khiartabad representing TRS was looking for this seat.