Daily Chai Peeyo Bhai



Drinking Tea on a daily basis in a limited way is good for health. It helps in keeping the brain very active. The tea is taken in different forms and with different flavours.

One with milk, with only milk, without milk, with ginger, with ajwain, with lime so on and so forth. It is also taken with mind lives, with cloves, with cardamom that is ilaichi also.

These days Tea is also made with Cinnamon that is dalchini. There are tea stalls with a specific purpose. There are people who earned lakhs with just sale of Chai. Now it is ordered online also and delivered at your doorstep. It is coming in disposable parcels.

It is found that the caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increases alertness and also decreases sleepiness. Theophylline is a compound in the tea that relaxes the muscles and it helps the people breathe easy. Tea also helps reduce the blood pressure also at times.