Supreme court did not stop the 10 per cent quota announced by the BJP Government for the EBCs. The court said to the petitioners that it would examine the matter with the government which was done with the help of a constitutional amendment recently. The court decided that it would hear the bath of petitions filed against the EBC quota. The decision by the centre for EBC reservations took the nation by storm. The political parties said that it was nothing a political decision made by the ruling party just before the elections.

But the people, in General, liked the decision of the Government. All castes will be covered under this quota if they are poor. People earning under 8 lakhs per annum are eligible to come under this category and can get reservations in education and jobs. Taking this into consideration the BJP government has decided to raise the income tax limit from 2.5 lakh to 5 lakhs. These two decisions will influence the voters and the common man in a big way.