Country astonished at the development of Telangana 


Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the world believed that the people of Telangana were like tiger cubs that got tangled with a herd of sheep in undivided Andhra Pradesh. “And now, the country is astonished at the development of Telangana after State formation and self-governance,” he pointed out.

KCR stated that good days are here again for the farming community in the State since they are in a position to take up cultivation even in Rohini Karthi, he said while there was overall development happening, there were still some social ills like dowry and untouchability being practised. These can be overcome with access to education and development on the economic front, he said.

The State government will always stand by the elderly, single women and differently-abled. In the same way, the State was now determined to bring smiles on the faces of the Dalit community members, he reiterated.

“So far, the government has launched some schemes that asked for bank guarantees. How will the poor members of the Dalit community who have nothing but empty stomachs bring the required bank guarantees? Therefore, financial support that will be provided by the Dalit Bandhu will be totally free. This won’t be a loan. 

KCR said that there is no need to repay it to anyone. There will be no brokers or middlemen. The financial support will straight away be deposited into the beneficiaries’ bank accounts,” the Chief Minister clarified.

“Dalit Bandhu is an effort to infuse self-confidence among the Dalit community, make them able to take care of their own development. The support that will be given should not be used for day to day purposes or buying groceries. That should be used to invest in businesses and aid in employment generation. There should be economic development and everybody should work towards that,” the Chief Minister said.

Various schemes implemented by Telangana were already being replicated by other States. In the same way, the Dalit Bandhu too would be a model for other States, he said, adding that there was a need for motivation and that was happening in Huzurabad. “It is a matter of pride for people from Huzurabad,” he said.