Corruption more dangerous than drugs

Korata Siva who is popular for making movies on the development of society now wants to eradicate corruption. He thinks corruption is a bigger issue than drugs.

He also suggested that the Government must first stop corruption and then bother about drugs.

At a time when drugs scandal is creating chaos in the film industry, the celebrities are feeling the heat on drug abuse. Now the director Koratala Siva has made this interesting statement.

Siva didn’t support drug abuse, but instead conveyed that the governments have much bigger public issues to deal with. Saying that ‘Corruption’ is more dangerous to Society than ‘Drugs’, the director advised all the governments to set up SITs to eradicate corruption.

Siva opined that the governments were intentionally ignoring ‘corruption’ that is prevalent in every sector, the highest in the govt. sector. Lets hope the Governments will take note of the suggestion and statement made by Siva.