Corona Test for Trump Every day

US President Donald Trump is being tested by his medical experts every day for Corona. This is being done as one of his close aides have contacted Corona and has tested positive.

Takin this into serious account the white Huse staff has taken the precaution to see that the President is out of Corona. He is being screened for the same by a medical team on a daily basis it is reported.

The people around the team and his close aides are slow being screens for Corona on a daily basis.

Corona Test for Trump Every day

It may be noted that New York City is the worst effects and reported a large number of deaths due to Corona.

While the cases are rising in America, the President instead o going for a tight lockdown is releasing he lockdown in the name of economic activity. Thousand of people have lost their job due to the lockdown.

Huge losses have been reported on the industrial front. Thatis the reason Trump is going for opening the business houses. He is facing the Corona with the brave face, but the deaths are increasing on the other side.