Corona scare in Hitech city


It is reported that an employee of the Mindspace building in Hitech City is having Corona Virus. The commotion spread like a wildfire and now the employees of IT have vacated the MInd space building it is reported.

The IT employees were advised to work from home it is reported. They were advised to wear masks and also use satisfiers to avoid any infection or virus.

The employees were advised to go home from some IT companies today in the Hitech city. There are 50 patients who were admitted to Gandhi Hospital to be diagnosed for Corona.

So far around 3100 persons died due to Corona. One person can transmit to two persons easily. The Government is planning to set up a Corona centre away from the city.

The Erragaddda chest hospital and Military hospital Secunderabad are being examined for setting up the Corona isolation centre.

Some doctors are suggesting people use ginger tea and also pepper tea for keeping away from Corona. Some employees were suggested to work from home.

The people are advised not to travel abroad and also avoid travelling if possible.