Corona medicine soon:Trump



USA President Donald Trump has tweeted that we will be getting the medicine for Corona Virus soon. He was hopeful that Corona can be stopped and contained.

The situation is alarming but under control the medical experts from the USA opined. Meanwhile, it is in the second stage here in Telangana. While Modi the Prime Minister has asked for a curfew for about 12 hours, Telangana CM has suggested for a curfew of 24 hours.

So far 13000 people have died due to Corona. Around 3 lakh people have been infected due to Corona. Medical experts are working round the clock to arrest the situation.

While it is coming down in China, it is yet to be arrested in India. So far six people have died out of 300 infected so far. Today the curfew is going on very well with almost everything shutdown across the country.

Some emergency services are going on here and there. The water supply and the Milk supply has commenced. Some essential commodities are being sold here and there.