Continue development-Vote for TRS

kcr siddipet
We are number one in the country in all aspects said K Chandrasekhar Rao . He was speaking at Siddipet and said that the MLAs are doing good work here. He praised the efforts of Harish Rao and also Ramalinga Reddy here. He wanted the people to vote to overwhelm for the MLAs here and teach a lesson to the Congress and other political parties.
The agriculturists should become self-reliant here he said. I am an agriculturist basically and I know the issue of the farmers he said.
The TRS will give free power to the farmers, one crore acres of land would be irrigated by next year he assured. Groundwater is also developing and financial help will be increased and extended from time to time he said. Remunerative prices to farmers will also be looked into he said. There will be no middlemen and you can sell the produce on demand he assured. 
Our agricultural produce should be sold in international markets he said. 
The salaries of all the employees are very high in Telangana he pointed out. He urged the people to help in continuing the development of Telangana by voting for the TRS on 7nth December.