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The Congress party in Telangana is trying to set up a candidate for the Rajyasabha election. They have no numbers but they want to put a spoke in the car wheel.

There are 3 seats and the TRS has enough numbers and moreover, MIM also assured them of the support. Even though the Congress has no numbers they do not want to make it a cakewalk for the TRS it is learnt.

They might be announced it on Monday by filing a nomination it is reported. The name of Azharuddin is being heard in the circles for he said 3rd seat nomination.

On the other hand, KCR might make it by this night or next day that is Sunday evening or just on Monday morning. The proposed candidates are keeping their fingers crossed for the time being.

Unless and until the nominations are filed nothing is final.

The strategy can be changed at the 11nth hour also.