Congress party at 135



Today is the inception day of the Congress party and it is 135 years old. While the BJP is trying for Congress Mukht Bharat the party has come to power in Maharashtra and also Jharkhand in alliance with the local regional parties Shiv Sena and JMM.

The party President Rahul Gandhi was forced to resign and give the power to his mother Sonia Gandhi. Now there is a talk that Rahul Gandhi will take back the post of the AICC chief.

The party in doldrums and clinging to power in some states with great difficulty. The Gandhi family is unable to run the party and bring it back to power in a grand manner.

It has lost miserably twice at the National level and is starved of funds for a long time. The Congress is now trying to push the BJP in the name of CAA and NPR, but the BJP is paying back to them in the same coin.

Joining Sena in Maharashtra and preventing the BJP from coming to power was a major achievement for the Congress. We have to see how long this unholy alliance will continue.

But all said and done the Congress is in a bad shape. Senior leader Chidambaram was in Jail for some time and now he is attending the parliament.

Let’s hope the Gandhis will be able to make a come back at the centre in the coming elections.