The Congress party is in doubt if they should support the Sena for forming the Government. Right now the Congress High command has called the meeting of senior Congress leaders from Maharashtra to seek their opinion.

Later at 4 pm today the Congress will finally meet and decide over giving the support to Shiv Sena. Now there is a chance that NCP or Congress might ask Sena for the 50/50 system of Governance.

Uddhav Thackerey on the other has met NCP Chief Sharda Pawar here in Delhi along with Ajith Pawar. NCP is already on the board with Sena to form the Government.

The BJP is adopting a wait and watch game. Meanwhile, the deadline is 7.30 in the night that the Sena has to stake the claim and then prove the majority on the floor of the house as per the deadline set by the Governor.

Senas lone MP Swant has resigned from the Government and the alliance with the NDA is over. It could be 56plus54 plus 44 MLAs to rule Maharashtra.

The Sena leaders have already met Ahmed Patel from the Congress party and the modalities have already been worked out. Uddhav, on the other hand, stated that Sena does not need BJP any more. He called Fadnavis a liar.