SBI is distancing itself from the common man. In the name of the software, they are doing whatever they want. The so-called software is looting money even from the FDs principle amount in the name of last years TDS interest so on and so forth.

The SBH and SBI accounts are merged and the same customer if he has FDs here and there it is a havoc.

A lot of money is being looted by the software. The bank officers have no time to clarify they are overburdened with the merger of bank branches.

The accounts are shifted and merged as they like and they just shift the blame to the software.

from the common man who still prefers to use branch-based cash transactions?

Already people are losing accounts with the SBI left and right as the money is going in the name of minimum balance so on and so forth.
SBI has become a rich man’s bank and you have to pay for everything.

There is a cartoon which became popular where a man looks at the SBI board and he finds his balanced reduced on his mobile. That is the state of bad affairs at the bank.

Confusion and Chaos with SBI

They give DD only if you have an account. The days are coming where people don’t put money in the banks as the interest rates are low and you charge for deposit and also withdrawals.

The branches are closed and merged left and right in the name of SBH and SBI. Customers do not know where the account is being merged and how.

They have to run from pillar to post searching for the branch that they are merged with.

The real looters leave the country and the common man has to bear the brunt of these banks.

Confusion and Chaos with SBI