Clay Ganeshas are visible
Clay Ganeshas are visible

Clay images of Lord Ganesh made their presence felt in the market on the eve of Vinayaka Chathurthi, which coincides with Teachers’ Day this year. Make-shift mandapas or pandals were springing up at several places in the Hyderabad city to install giant-sized colourful Vinayaks.


Cartloads of clay images of the Lord arrived in the suburbs too and many temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh got a fresh coat of paint and decorations to celebrate the Ganesh Chathurthi with pomp, vigour and splendour on Monday.
“Like in several parts of north India, AP and TS particularly Hyderabad, has been witnessing an increasing participation by the people and several organisations.


It was our leader Lokamanya Tilak who had set the trend of celebrating the occasion in a grand manner,” says a senior leader of the VHP here at Kothi.


What started as a small event became a big and memorable festival throughout the State, he added. His organisation, has planned to install over 5,000 idols of Lord Ganesh for the celebration and immersion in the city.
As in the previous years, the organisers have decided to install eco-friendly Ganesh idols.


As a large number of women and children too participate in the immersion festival, the Chathurthi is observed in a grand manner.


“This is among the numerous festivals that ensure livelihood opportunities to the talented persons who produce the idols, temporary sellers and even the poor sell leaves and other items to be used for the Puja. The Pandits are also making a fast buck shifting from one pandal to another for the installation of the Ganesha on the first day.