CJI Ramana praises KCR in Hyderabad


Chief Justice of India Justice N.V. Ramana seemed to be pained over the dwindling importance of the Telugu language. Ramana was talking at a function in Hyderabad along with KCR the CM of Telangana.

Ramana complimented KCR openly for propagating Telugu and speaking in Telugu apart from the local slang. In fact, he praised KCR openly.

The CJI made some interesting suggestions to film actors and playback singers. He felt that the actors or playback singers should not look down upon the Telugu language, instead learn it and speak it accurately with proper diction while acting in the movies or singing for films. He lamented that actors were not giving a hoot to Telugu traditions and culture too.

Ramana said that it was the duty of the actors to learn Telugu and then go to the sets for the shots because they are making a living out of it. The film is a popular media that can influence thousands of people, he reminded.

One other reason why Telugu is losing its importance could be because of a misapprehension among youth that only mastery over foreign languages would help them have an edge over others in bagging high-paying jobs.

It is a myth that people knowing only Telugu would not be able to bag jobs with plum packages the CJI opined.