The Chief Justice of India Bobde likes bikes and he used to ride a bullet in the style like Shahid in the movie Kabir Singh. It is reported that Bobde fractured his ankle when he was trying to test ride a high ended bike like Harley Davidson .

Justice Bobde for some days could not attend the Ayodhya hearing due to his ankle injury. Bobe said that it was not a serious injury and did not come in the way of the duties at the Supreme Court.

Bobde is the senior-most Judge of SC after the former CJI Gogoi. Bobde said that he used to ride Enfield bullet which was completely made in India and he likes the bike riding.

Let’s hope he will not ride a bike to the Supreme Court after becoming the CJI. We do now know if the CJI has some protocol and the security rules to follow. Bobde has taken over the CJI post from 18nth November.

Justice Bobde was one of the Judges on the bench which gave the verdict on the disputed land at Ayodhya. He has already commented that it is one of the important cases in the world.