Senior Dance director Sarojkhan said that the casting couch or in other words being called as the commitment by the Tollywood industry walas is for a better future, career and also lilving.

Saroj Khan opined that it is not with Jabardasthi but with the consent of lady it exists and that is for her better life and livelihood. She explained that it was common in the industry and it exists and some of them offer commitment for their future and also to get good roles. But many of them did not like the viewpoint of Saroj Khan. She was speaking on the Srireddy episode her stripping and also the casting couch issue in Tollywood.

 Choreographer Saroj says commitment'' is for living'
She sounded as if that was common and it exists in filmi Duniya and the girls agree for that to go forward and clinch good roles. It was not exploitation she opined. But there was a severe backlash against the dance director. Some said that they did not expect such opinion from a lady and mother figure in the industry.

Later Saroj Khan apolozised. When it comes to Telangana and Tollywood the chief Minister KCR has constituted a committee to look into the casting couch and other issues pertaining to the film industry. The committee would suggest the remedies for protecting the interest and also remuneration of the lady artists here.

 Choreographer Saroj says commitment'' is for living'But the interesting fact is that the President of Movie Artists Association is facing the casting couch allegations. Jeevitha Rajasekhar the censor board member is also facing allegations that she sends ladies to for her husband hero Rajasekhar.

Women alleged that women were exploited during the making of Chiranjeevi 150th movie and that they were not paid well. Some said that they did not have toilets while they were working for Baahubali.

It has to be seen what solution the committee would suggest for the betterment of the working condition of the ladies in the film industry.