Prudhvi the comedian from Tollywood and the YSRC leader who was removed from the post of the Chairman from the SVBC wanted to die it is reported.

Prudhvi was speaking to a channel and stated that he wanted to die as no one was bothered about him after being removed from the SVBC for misbehaving the ladies.

It may be recalled that a lady who talked to Prudhvi recorded the objectionable and obscene talk of Prudhvi which were viral on the web,. The TTD management removed Prudhvi from the post on the allegations that he misbehaved with the ladies who were working in his office.

Now Prudhvi also revealed that it was Chiranjeevi who saved from the death. Prudhvi revealed that Chiranjeevi has sent some people from the industry to talk to him and give him confidence.

These days Prudhivi is not getting any roles. On the other hand, Prudhvi abused the mega family members during the election campaign for YSRC in support of Jagan.

But ignoring all that Chiranjeevi has sent people to instil confidence in Prudhvi. Right now Prudhvi is not having any work. Prudhvi has been removed from the SVBC after a thorough enquiry.