Bharatiya Janata Party is looking at South. Both PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are very much interested in expanding in South India. While they already exist in AP, they want to make the party presence felt in Telangana and Tamilnadu.

When it comes to Tamilnadu they are already using Pannerselvam and the present political situation which is fluid in nature. They are also taking bold steps in Telangana. While Telangana CM KCR was trying to place safe with the centre and get things done, the local BJP unit is using an aggressive approach against the CM.

On the other hand Chiranjeevi who has got a big hit in the name of Khaidi 150 is not sure if the next movie would be a hit . He has failed miserably in politics with the Congress party. There is no future for the congress party in the state.

Chiranjeevi looks at BJP

Taking all this into account, there are rumours that by next elections the mega star wants to join the BJP. But the BJP is not that interested in taking Chiranjeevi as he is unable to get any votes in the elections earlier.

They are of the opinion that if he has failed in the congress party , he is bound to fail with the BJP also. Ambareesh is another film star who is also looking at the BJP. Rajinikanth is being roped in for BJP in case if there will be a fresh election in Tamilnadu. After UP elections Amit Shah is bound to tour in the southern states for the expansion of the party.

Chiranjeevi looks at BJP ?