Former Union Minister and Congress leader Chidambaram was granted bail. Chidambaram will be attending the parliament on Thursday. The Supreme Court has stated that Chidambaram should not leave the country.

Chidambaram is an accused in the INX media case and was in jail for a long time. Today he was granted the bail on two securities and also a deposit of Rs 2 lakh.

The court permission should be taken if he wants to go out of the country. Senior BJP Leader Subramanyam Swamy said that there is enough evidence against Chidambramam and he will go back to the jail.

Meanwhile, the police have suggested the Court that the bail should not be granted as there is every chance that Chidmbram might influence the witnesses and also tamper with the evidence.

Karthi Chidambaram confirmed that father Chidambaram will go to the parliament on Thursday. Rahul Gandhi the Congress MP opined that the case against Chidambaram was political vengeance.