It looks like the TRS is now looking at Andhra Pradesh to help YSRC to win the elections 2019. Earlier all the top guns of TRS that is KCR,KTR and also Kavitha said that Chandrababu will get the return gift. It is reported that KCR is planning to visit Andhra Pradesh soon and Talasani Srinivas Yadav is working out on that.

KCR was supposed to go to Andhra for the house warming ceremony of YSRC leader Jagan. But it is getting postponed from time to time. Chandrababu cannot do anything even in Amaravati KTR Predicted. Babu will lose the election hundred per cent he said. He condemned that Babu was doing false propaganda against the TRS. He said that even in dreams babu was thinking about KCR.


There has been a talk that KCR would campaign for the YSRC and wanted babu to lose the elections in 2019. Why Babu is bothered if IT raids are conducted on the MPs, KTR questioned. Even the Telangana MPs were raided by the IT department said KTR.

The words or KTR are viral and have become sensational just before the general elections in the Telugu states.

Even Harish or KTR does not make any difference for KTR and cabinet ministers are selected by the chief Minister he said. There is no importance for KTR or Harish he opined. All are equal before the people and KCR he said.

Jagan and KCR will meet at an appropriate time said KTR. He was making these comments in a chit chat with the media.