Chandrababu weeps in Assembly


Chandrababu Naidu the leader of the opposition today walked out of the Assembly by folding his hands. Chandrababu was in tears when some members talked about his wife.

When Babu was in tears, CM Jagan laughed at it and ridiculed him. Ambati Rambabu and Chandrababu clashed during the discussion. Speaker said that the TDP was misleading the house and diverting the discussion.

Chandrababu had another way but he walked out of the Assembly. The TDP MLAs also walked out of the house as the Speaker could not control the members and bring the house to order.

China Rajappa and Dwarampudi also clashed with each other and argued. I will come to the house only after becoming the CM, Chandrababu thundered.

This is the 8th time in the Assembly I am here said the babu. The TDP members reminded of Babai axed to death. Ambati talked in filthy language against Chandrababu and his family.

This is a bad experience Babu said in the assembly and vowed that he will come back only after becoming the CM. I was humiliated personally and also on a family basis he said.