rgv biopic

RGV is in search of Chandrababu. Not for the real CM of AP. But for a look alike. RGV has posted a video where a duplicate and look alike like Chandrababu is serving in a small hotel with banian and Chaddi. You can say that it is like Chandrababu in fancy dress. Now that RGV is coming up with Lakshmi’s NTR, he wants an actor for Babus character. He already found one but is unable to track him at this point in time.

He has posted the video online and announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to track this look-alike of Chandrababu Naidu. The smile, the beard, the eyes and hairs style all exactly look like Babu. He needs to just change the dress and practice the walking and talking of babu. That would be more than enough.

Earlier Lakshmi’s NTR was dropped by RGV as the producer from YSRC backed out. Now that RGV has got the new producer he is working on it. He will start shooting in this month. It has to be seen how Lakshmi Parvathi would react on this. She should be happy as the movie is being made from her point of view.