chandrababu penkutillu

Yes you heard it right. Chandrababu after receiving a notice for his rented house with all luxuries is planning to shift to a tiled roof house. (penkutillu). The house has a vast extent of vacant land around it and this belongs to a former Sarpanch. The house is also located close to the present house.

The TDP leaders close to Chandrababu have selected this and have left the decision to Chandrababu. The idea to gain sympathy from the people that babu is living the life of an ordinary person like a sarpanch.

The house is not even having asbestos, it is an old house with tiles as the roof.

As of now, Chandrababu has got some sympathy after the demolition of the Prajavedika and now a notice was served to the house that he is staying in.

By shifting to the tile-roofed house, Chandrababu will be sending a message to the people, that YSRC is responsible for this. Meanwhile, the TDP leaders and Lokesh have started giving reply to Jagan and also attacking the YSRC Government. They said that this is being done as part of political vendetta against Chandrababu on a personal basis.

It has to be seen, if Lokesh and Chandrababu will stay together or not. In case if babu chooses Penkutillu, then Lokesh Babu will definitely go for a house with RCC roof and AC along with wife Brahmani.

But all said and done the security people must approve the so-called tiled house. The security clearance is a must for Chandrababu as he is the former Chief Minister.