Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu the CM of AP is in trouble as the elections are fast approaching. The BJP, YSRC and the Jana Sena are fighting against him. The latest issue is from the TRS. Both KCR and KTR want to campaign against Naidu here in Andhra and support YSRC it is reported. The YSRC has indirectly supported TRS in Telangana.

Babu who thinks is a master strategist on his own wants to announce the candidates early as TRS did in Telangana. But the YSRC is already on the campaign mode. Jagan the YSRC chief has hinted the candidates to get ready. Even Pawan Kalyan is doing the same.

Chandrababu Naidu

But how far will Babu succeed this time is a big question. The YSRC chief Jagan has already completed his padayatra and almost ready to go for the elections.

Jana Sana Chief Pawan Kalyan has also been touring the districts, calling the TDP leaders Babu and Lokesh as corrupt people. The BJP is gunning for Babu and they want to trounce him at any cost. Especially the BJP chief Amit Shah is after him.

There is a chance that the vote of the opposition might get divided and Babu may win the election, but with a slender margin. If KCR campaign clicks then it might be thank you for Chandrababu this time.