All is not well between Governor Narasimhan and the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. It is learnt that Chandrababu did not take the suggestion of Narasimhan earlier. Narasimhan suggested Babu not to go against the BJP and not to go out of the NDA. It was like an indirect threat given to Chandrababu from Delhi.

 Chandrababu speaks against Governor Narasimhan

But Babu explained Narasimhan that it was not personal and it was on issues he had to take decisions against the central government. The other day babu pointed a finger at Narasimhan saying that he was trying to unite the opposition and other parties against the ruling party and sounded that he was acting as an agent of the centre.

The TDP was dead against the system of the Governors and this they have been saying ever since the days of Late NTR the first CM from the Telugu Desam party.

 Chandrababu speaks against Governor Narasimhan

Usually, Chandrababu is not a person who takes on people like Governor of a state. But the water is flowing above his head and for his survival, he had to take this extreme step. He lashed out at Modi and Amit Shah earlier and now against the Governor. Now one has to see how he will go in this aspect.

Babu’s indirect support to the Congress in Karnataka will definitely land the TDP government and the CM in trouble it is learnt. Babu opined in a chit chat that the TDP was opposed to the Governors system and that they have become stooges to the centre. The governors must be independent and impartial he opined.