PM Modi

The UPA closed the doors of parliament and divided the Telugu states he condemned the Congress party. you killed the mother and saved the child he said. Lot of problems were there between the two Telugu CMs and I along with the Governor have to sort out the issues between them Modi stated. Both Andhra and Telangana must develop he opined.

The pride of the Telugu people must be protected he said. Chandrababu told that special package was better than the special status. We agree with the sentiment of the people of AP he said. We will give the package on par with the befits of the special status he said.

The AP CM agreed for the package and thanked the Finance Minister also he said. Now Chandrababu made a U-turn over the matter he said. AP will get all the assistance for all the projects we will help them he assured.

PM Modi

Raffael deal was between two countries PM Modi explained. He suggested the Congress criticise Modi but not the soldiers who did the surgical strikes for the protection of the country. Where are the numbers he questioned Sonia Gandhi? He was answering the no-confidence motion.

The no-confidence motion is being moved to destabilise the Nation Modi opined. Even earlier in 1999, they said they had the support of 272 members. They pulled down Charan Singh and Chandrasekhar Government Modi said. They destabilised the Nation several times he said. They tried to purchase the votes with Notes he stated.

PM Modi

I cannot look into your eyes said Modi said to Rahul Gandhi.You(Rahul) are naamdaar and I am Kaamdaar he replied Rahul. I am born in a low caste how can I look into your eyes he questioned Rahul. People who tried to look into your eyes they know what you did he said. He cited the examples of Pranab Mukherjee and other leaders.

You talked about the eyes and you have winked on TV. The nation is witness to your wink he chided at Rahul Gandhi. I am not a Tekedar and a Soudagar like you. I am a chowkidar , and bhagihdar Modi replied to Rahul. Either they (Congress) are in power or they will spread anarchy in the country Modi said.

The Congress was doing emotional blackmailing for decades he stated. Modi answered every word to word posted by Rahul Gandhi. Congress became weak in most of the states. We will answer everything Modi said.