chai calling

Like food delivery with swiggy and other apps, two youngsters have started delivering Chai to the homes and offices in the name of Chai calling. You just call them, they will deliver the tea to your home in ten to twenty minutes time. They have also opened a website in the name of Chai calling. You can take the snacks also on Chai calling. First, the business was about Rs 50 lakh per annum and now it has grown to 2 crores after two years.

They have employed about 100 boys for delivering the Chai.

We have heard that people were earning lakhs with Chai business, but here there is proof that the Chai business with delivery is generating crores of money. That chai is sold for Rs 10 a cup and the delivery is free. Chai calling is also delivered in bulk for the IT complexes.

Abhinav and Prameeth have worked in a company first and then they have started this tea business in Uttar Pradesh and changed it to chai calling where they deliver the tea also in ten minutes.

They are engineering graduates and were fed up with the regular style of working and have started the Chai business. Now the business is in crores. They have around 15 to 20 tea stalls for tea preparation and delivery. They sell it at the stalls also. Most of the stalls are busy with customers all the time. They sell different varieties of tea.