Minister for Cinematography Talasani Srinivas Yadav said that the casting couch issue in Tollywood was not an issue and that was the reason he has taken it very lightly. When the MeToo campaign is running across the world over this issue, the Minister for Telangana said that he has taken it very lightly.

The casting couch issue is dealt with by film development corporation he explained and that was the reason he has taken it very lightly. He also said that he cannot run to the place wherever the casting couch takes place. I cannot run around where ever this problem is there he said. I will not respond to these king of trivial things and even though you may highlight it he told the media. If you focus on such things you image will be dented he stated.

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The Press people were surprised at the statements of the Minister. Can I sit at the shooting spot to enquire on the casting couch, he shot back at the media.

Earlier director N Shankar who is representing the directors in the industry condemned the casting couch issue and said that they will take it seriously. MAA also announced that they would form certain guidelines so that the women will not be exploited in the industry. MeToo campaign is running where top ladies of Bollywood and Hollywood have stated that they were also subjected to this kind of bad behaviour in the industry.

Finally Talasani Srinivas Yadav the concerned minister said that he has taken it lightly. If the Minister replies like this who will protect the women in the industry?