The mother of A4 Chintakunta Chenna Kesavulu, in Priyanka Reddy rape and murder case, stated that her son should be hanged or burnt to death as did with the lady Priyanka.

Talking to the media she said that Chennakesavulu was taken by AI pasha for loading the steel rods in Vehicle. hearing this Kesavulu father tried to commit suicide she reported.

She said that Pasha the AI in the case has spoiled her son and he has gone in a wrong way. Kesavulus mother said that she also has a daughter and she knows the feeling of a mother.

Kesavulus mother informed that he was married to his love and they never objected to it. She also revealed that one of Kesavulus kidney was not working.

My son also must die like Priyanka and should know the pain of death she said. Let him be burnt of hanged to death she suggested. She agreed that her son has done a mistake and that it was not pardonable.