Baahubali and Arundhati are the two movies which have made Anushka an actor and she is very popular across the country. She can do the meaty acting roles and also the regular glamour shows.

Usually, lady actors depend on showoff and exposing. Some of them depend on dancing abilities. But here is one lady star who can do everything with ease. She can put on weight also for the sake of character without bothering about the glamour and also the future movies.

That is the dedication Anushkha exhibits with her acting abilities. There were rumours on Anushka getting married to Darling Prabhas during the making and also the success of Baahubali.

But they just remained as rumours. Both Prabhas and Anushka clarified that they were very good friends. Now Anushka is concentrating on good women centred roles also.

She is banking on her acting abilities and not the glamour. She has acted with all the leading stars in Tollywood and proved herself as a good co-star. Let’s hope she will continue for some more years.

Remaining with stardom for a long time and getting roles is not that easy these days. The new and young ladies are always coming into the scene and the aged ladies have this risk all the time.

But the ladies with real acting abilities in the arena and Anushka is one of them.