Bommalaramaram  is OK


The new  filmmaker, Nishanth Pudhari’s rural crime drama Bommalaramaram is half baked .  The film features Soori, Roopa Reddy and Pelli Choopulu fame Priyadarshi in major roles. It could have been better.

Ramanna (Priyadarshi) is a small-time feudal lord in Bommala Ramaram village. Being a cruel man that he is, Ramanna keeps his father’s dead body for over two days just for the sake of property. One fine day, Ramanna sets his eyes on his ancestral property as well as his late father’s MLA post.

Later  Ramanna takes help of Soori(Soori) who leads life by mediating settlements in the village. Ramanna faces a series of issues with village authorities and this leads to Soori’s imprisonment in a murder case. The rest of the story is all about how the lives of these two people who chose the path of crime end.

The major asset in Bommala Ramaram is the feudal crime drama which is set in a rural backdrop. The debutante director comes up with interesting characters which travel the path of crime. The relatively new cast featuring Soori, Priya Reddy and Priyadarshi manage to impress the audience.

Amarnath Reddy’s cinematography stands out among the rest of the technical departments in Bommala Ramaram. The DOP created the right mood with his realistic lighting in the pre-climax and climax scenes. Krishna Maya’s art direction is impressive. A couple of songs scored by Karthik Kodakandla are good but his background score leaves a lot to be desired.

Director Nishanth Pudhari,  fails to develop an effective screenplay.Crime drama is a challenging genre and it requires a great command and clarity over story and its characters.

Director : Nishanth Pudhari

Producer : Aruna Pudhari

Music Director : Karthik Kodakandla

Starring : Soori, Roopa Reddy, Priyadarshi

 Rating : 2.25/5