Bollywood makers look at Akhanda

Akhanda is doing very well in the languages that it has been dubbed. Now they are planning for a remake in Hollywood. There is talk that there are enquiries from Bollywood so that they can make it with Ajay Devgn.

But it has to be seen if Boyapati would direct it or not. There is talk that they are trying to talk to Balakrishna to get Boyapati for the direction in Hindi.

Right now Boyapati is planning to do a movie with Allu Arjun and he is also planning Akhanda two with Balakrishna. Akhanda one has made around two hundred and fifty crores in odd times.

It became a torchbearer for the movies to come to the theatres. It is one of the best movies for Balakrishna in terms of collection at the box office.

The movie was made under seventy crore budget and it did well across the country. Thaman the music director did a great job for the movie.