BJP will rule for 3 to 4 decades: Prashant Kishore


Prashant Kishore the poll strategist who told that he would quit this space, is doing the same. He is working for Jaganmohan Reddy and also some other political parties.

He might work for the TRS also in Telangana. But the interesting comment that he made during a meeting is that BJP will be there for another 30 to 40years.

We cannot disturb Modi and his team opined. People will not leave Modi and his rule he said. But Rahul is unable to understand and digest the same he explained. Rahul thinks he can come back to power.

Which will not happen he said. So the political parties including Rahl Gandhi and others who are dreaming of coming to power in Delhi can take a rest.

If not for 40 years they can forget about the power for the next two terms. Modi may not be the PM, but the BJP will there in power. Congress can forget about the power in the coming two to three terms.

The regional parties will continue, but they will be under the grip of the BJP. There is a talk that Jagan and KCR are in understanding with the ruling BJP at the centre.