BJP Raja warns Pawan Kalyan

Rajasingh Pawan Kalyan


BJP lone MLA from Telangana Raja Singh has warned Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena leader not make unnecessary comments against Hindus and Hindu religion.

Pawan must think before he speaks about the Hindu leaders and also the religion Raja said. Speaking at a meeting in Tirupathi, Pawan said that Hindu leaders were making politics in the name of religion.

Pawan also stated that it was Hindus who were propagating other religions on the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. Pawan said that he also knew that it was Hindus who were always disturbing the secularism in the country.

Pawan squarely blamed the Hindus for everything in his meeting. These statements have irked the BJP MLA Raja Singh from the old city. He wanted Pawan to think before he makes the statements.

In reality, also Pawan is speaking whatever comes to mouth and not the mind. Pawan must make some homework before he wants to make some comments against other parties or any religion for that matter.