BJP leaders are frustrated says Harish


Harish Rao the Finance Minister today said that the BJP leaders were frustrated and trying ot make false allegations against the TRS. Harish said that the BJP was losing and there was no doubt about it.

He charged that the BJP leaders were trying to convert the social media into a fake media. They might announced through fake media on the polling day that some TRS leaders would be joining the BJP.

Harish warned the TRS leaders and the people in general not to take the social media seriously. It is full of fake news used by the BJP he explained.

Harish said that they will be winning the GHMC elections with a good majority. The people must come out in large numbers and vote for the TRS he suggested.

The IT people and all sections of people must come out and vote he requested. He opined that the fake news made all the difference for TRS at Siddipet also.

But now the TRS leaders are cadres are vigilant he said. The people of Hyderabad are with TRS and they are going to vote for the party he exuded cofidence.

The rally attended by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not make any difference for the TRS he said. He was confident that the TRS will hit a century this time. Last time it missed by one seat.