BJP is thinking to legalise betting


The BJP led by Prime Minister Modi and party Chief Nadda is all set to legalise the betting on sports it looks like. If the betting is legalised then the Government will also get some resources from the same.

Betting is already in some foreign countries. This will avoid the illegal ways of betting and match fixing also. Some people have died in the process of illegal betting on cricket.

If it is legal there will be no such issues. Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur mooted this idea. He was associated with the BCCI earlier and knows the ins and outs of the cricket game and betting.

He opined that if we legalise the betting, then there would no issues and it will generate the income for the Government also. We have to see how far this idea can be implemented in India.

Will the opposition agree for this idea is another question. There are indications that it is an idea from the stock market and mutual funds expers who run the stock markets.

So it will become a legal investment for the people who have money with them. Some people might make money and some other might lose in the process.

It almost amounts to gambling, but in the legal format.