Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are behaving like the Congress leaders these days. It is reported that lot of infighting is going on in the state BJP in Telangana. The issue is between the past and the Present Presidents of the party. Infighting in the Congress party is common, but now it is seen in BJP also in open. Kishan Reddy has a mass following when compared to Laxman.

The BJP leaders of the party are discussing in open that the party President laxman and the floor leader in the Assembly Kishan Reddy are traveling in different directions and the cadres are in confusion. While the central BJP is gearing up to get power in Telangana, the local leaders are puling the party in different directions.

BJP behaves like Congress

When compared to Laxman, Kishan Reddy has good following among the BJP cadres. There are rumors that Kishan Reddy has taken up the issue of Singareni employees without any discussion with the party President Laxman.

On the other hand Laxman is also not taking Kishan Reddy into confidence in some programs. Both of them think that they are not getting due importance. In one word all is not well between Kishan and Laxman who are seniors in the party and have their own following pattern in the state.

BJP behaves like Congress

On the other hand Senior leader and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya is a man of masses and  is for working with every one and any one. Dattanna is equally good with Kishan and laxman and he has no complains. He is a down to earth man and can fit in any mould. He is travelling day in and day out in scorching sun ignoring his age and health. In fact he is being called as the Union Minister for Hyderabad.

At the same time that, a leader from other party would come to lead the fight in Telangana for BJP is the real issue. Kishan and Laxman cannot afford to give away the leadership like that. No one will digest it if some one from an other party would come in and lead the party. When they dont work within the party together, how will they adjust from a leader of other party is also a big question.

But Amit Shah is a man who will not tolerate any indiscipline in the party. The issue between Laxman and Kishan has already reached Amit Shahs ears.He wants unity in the party.

BJP behaves like Congress

Amit Shah is coming in next month for 4 days to Hyderabad and he would address meetings in districts . He is also scheduled to talk to BJP top leaders and warn them to work together.

Right from the beginning the BJP leaders were working around Venkaiah Naidu and Kishan Reddy in Hyderabad. They did not bother about districts. They were working hand in glove with TDP and contesting elections . Finally getting 4 or 5 seats.

That culture must go. They must fight alone and prove the credibility of BJP here in Telangana.


U Srinivas