bin laden son

There are unconfirmed reports that the dreaded Terrorist Bin Laden’s son Hamza is dead. US President Donald Trump did not confirm or deny the death of Hamza. Trump said he does not want to comment about it.

It may be noted that Bin Laden was killed in his house in Pakistan by the US Army and then he was thrown into the sea by the navy seals. Later Hamza has taken over the space of his father.

Now there are reports that Hamza aged 30 has been killed. The details are awaited. But the Newyork Times has reported that the USA police had a role in the death of Hamza.

It may be noted that Hamza also has given a call to fight against America. He wanted the Tribal Groups of the Muslim countries to get united and fight against America.

But However, it is being reported that Hamza was killed and that the US has a role in this operation.

The details and confirmation are awaited from the White House sources. There is no report or announcement from the White Hosue on this account.