Want media for self dabba

The Telangana Congress has suffered a stiff backlash before the Lok Sabha elections. In the recent assembly elections, MLAs who have won in Congress party have come to power in the TRS party. Another senior leader  still released. The former minister of Mahabubanagar district, Dk Aruna, will leave the Congress. The general secretary of BJP  Ram madav has been informed about her for about 45 minutes. Later it was revealed that the speaker spoke to Amit Shah.

She informed the party that she had decided to change her position after she gave clear advice on her future. Yesterday evening she went to Delhi and met with the BJP high command. in the presence of Amit Shah, she will covered the BJP scarf. Mahaboob Nagar will be contesting from the seat of Parliament. She was defeated in the assembly polls . Aruna, who has been away from party activities since then, has taken the unpredictable decision and joining the BJP is disturbing its own party leaders.