big boss

The day of entertainment was conducted at Big Boss as they have come to90 episodes of the show very successfully. The contestants were given specific roles and they have done to the extent possible.

The members in the big boss house reeled out their experiences so far. The task of the entertainment day was done very well by the participants.

Rahul did the role of Kanchana while Ali did the act of Ghajini. They were the best in their acts.

Baba Bhaskar was Basha like Rajinikanth while Shiva Jyothi did the Chandramukhi.

Baba Bhaskar as Rajinikanth reminded of the old Rajini. Srimukhi was Savithri of Mahanati. Varun Tej and Vithika did the Baahuali scene and it was like Ok.

Vithika fell on the shoulders of Varun and he could no get up. That was hilarious. But the romantic act was done with perfection. The performance of the artists entertained the audience very well.

The audience are waiting for such things to happen in the near future also.