Big Bs son is The Big Bull !

big bull

Where is Abhishek Bachchan the small B ? Is he doing any films? His father Big G is busy one way or the other. But Abhishek and Aishwarya are in hibernation it looks like.

There is a talk that the Small B will soon be seen in the film “The Big Bull”. The film was expected to have a theatrical release but the pandemic forced them to go for a digital premiere instead.

“The Big Bull was thought of, envisaged and dreamt of like a big-screen spectacle. If you see the trailer, the songs, as well as everything else, is larger than life. It has been shot keeping the big screen in mind. It was intended this for the cinema theatres.

But in Maharashtra and Mumbai, Corona is rising and people say that the second phase is very harsh.

For a movie lover, and for a film , there is no happier than inside the movie theatre with popcorn, samosa and a cold drink. You want to get back to the theatres. These days due to Corona people are forced to watch the move at home digitally.

By the time they had finished shooting “The Big Bull”, many members of the team were infected with Covid during the post-production. Now the audience will decide the fate of the movie.