Big Boss 3 is one of the reality shows which is being successfully run these days on TV. But Mahesh the contestant who was eliminated from the show has a different story altogether.

According to his experience, even Nagarjuna the Anchor does not know what really is happening in the house. Mahesh said that even King Nagarjuna just follows the script and does not know what is going on really in the house.

Mahesh also said that according to him the winners could be from Srimukhi or Rahul. But people believe that it could be Srimukhi. Mahesh said that because of the actor Nani he could make it to the Big Boss contest.

He also revealed that there was nothing between the contents Rahul and Punarnavi. Mahesh said that he had friends in the house and some times enjoyed the show very well.

But he also added that according to the voting Rahul or Srimukhi might make it to the finals, but if there is some manipulation or politics anything can happen.

But so far the big boss program is going on in an interesting manner. Nagarjuna is anchoring the show very well and people are watching it on the channels. The element of suspense on the winner is going on.