Big B comes to Hyderabad

The name of Big B Amitabh Bachchan is projected for the Syeraa movie where he acted as the guru of Chiranjeevi. He is the guiding force for Uyyalavada Narsimha reddy.

Producer Ramcharan the son of Chiranjeevi yesterday during the pre-launch function said that the BIg B did not take any remuneration for the movie. He even avoided the special light arranged for him and came on his own for the shooting stated Ramcharan.

They are heavily banking on the image of Big B for the movie in the Bollywood market. But the Big B could not make it for the pre-launch function yesterday.

Rajini and Kamalhassan were also expected to come to Hyderabad. It also rained in Hyderabad. Charan was happy that he could produce the dream project for his father. The movie is being released on October 2 in 5 languages.

Pawan Kalyan the Janasena Chief praised the efforts of Ramcharan in producing Syeraa for Chiranjeevi. The story is from Parachuri brothers. The movie is expected to make good profits, and breaking even is not an issue. The daughters of Chiranjeevi and Nagaabu have also worked for the movie. Nagaabu and Bunny were not seen at the event yesterday. Sai and Varun Tej were there to appreciate Ramcharan.