After working for 50 years for the first time Big B Amitabh Bachchan says he is tired and the body is not cooperating. Mentally he is very alert but physically he is unable to perform.

The legendary actor who is most sought after in the film world wants to get retired. His presence makes all the difference for a movie, but one has to see how far he will be able to work in the near future.

Amitabh is very active at blogging and never faced any allegations. He came back into the movies with Kaun Banega Karodpathi. He lost everything by conduction miss world contest and then came back with the Karodpati program.

He has got many hits to his credit and has given life to many directors in his journey of 50 years. The talk of his retirement on his own comes as a shock to the industry. He is getting work day in and day out.

But the soft-spoken man says he is unable to travel for hours together in cars for the work. He is unable to take it. He wants some rest in his life. Maybe its time for him to enjoy life in his own way.

Not just running after the work and following the diktats of the director. Lets hopes he will be able to lead the life the way he likes in the near future.